Indoor Navigation & Location Services

Organizations of all sizes struggle with keeping track of mobile team members and equipment, which can cause delays in critical workflows. Indoor navigation & location services can have an enormous impact on the efficient operation of any organization and have become an integral component of making resources location aware.

The NavvTrack® indoor navigation and location services platform works on your existing WiFi and managed devices.

A successful indoor navigation & location services deployment can be leveraged by numerous individuals, groups, departments, and teams throughout the entire organization – having a wide, positive impact on operations.

Location Awareness makes any team more productive and safer!

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Navv Systems screenshots
Users can see their routes and communicate with a command center
Maps are GPS-grade in the IMDF standard
Indoor positioning is also floor-aware
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Contact Detection & Tracing

  • Gather Position, Proximity & Presence data in real-time
  • Get alerts when staff come within a predefined range
  • Employee duress and broadcast messaging
  • Detect and Record arrivals and departures in real-time
  • See where resources are – and where they’ve been
  • Location based prompts to keep your team safe
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Social Distancing

  • Alert employees of close proximity risk
  • Adhere to a 2-meter/ 6-feet safe distancing
  • Allows team members to focus on their jobs
  • Defined rules for certain areas and POIs
  • View, locate, and automat staff movement to gain insights
  • Monitor and identify exposure to potential hot-spot areas
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Wayfinding & Routing

  • Multiple channels ensure access to wayfinding
  • Quickly identify badged doors, elevator temporarily out, and construction areas
  • Easily view turning routes, route types and sharing routes
  • Identify room and POI data – all searchable
  • Mapping for multiple audiences and use-cases
  • Signage study to identify room numbers, elevators, doors and signs
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Transport Services

  • Safety in knowing where transporters are
  • Communications with texting create a written record and reduce overall call volume
  • Eliminates pagers and ASCOM devices
  • Recording arrivals, departures, and dwell for accountability
  • Facilitates sending a second transporter
  • Reduces wait time – improving the patient experience
environmental services

Environmental Services

  • Safety from knowing where all EVS and supporting team members are
  • Communications with texting creates a written record and reduces call volume
  • Eliminates using house phones and the use of pagers
  • Sharing and managing a large fleet of phones and other devices
  • Doing proximity-based assignment
  • Responding to bed crises/emergencies
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Supply Chain & Deliveries

  • Ensuring the right supplies arrive at the right location at the right time
  • Recording arrivals, departures, and dwell for accountability
  • Creates a written record and reduces call volume dramatically
  • Closed loop chain of custody
  • Sharing and managing a large fleet of phones and other devices
  • Streamlines workflow and increases capacity
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Central Pharmacy

  • Ensuring the right meds arrive at the right location at the right time
  • Recording arrivals, departures, and dwell for accountability
  • Creates a written record and reduces call volume
  • Closed loop chain of custody
  • Sharing and managing a large fleet of phones and other devices
  • Optimize staffing/courier levels by improving productivity
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Secure Patient Belongings

  • Safeguard the property of your patients
  • Reduce lost or stolen personal items
  • Track belongings as they move throughout the facility
  • Reduce contraband in your facilities
  • Protect staff from suspicion
  • Closed-loop chain of custody

“We don’t have the right tools. It’s like we’re flying blind…”

Hospital Transport Manager

“We’re saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by utilizing our existing infrastructure…”

- IT Director
Daniel Seigal, MD

Daniel Siegal, MD

Co-Founder, CEO

Dr. Siegal is a radiologist, computer scientist, innovator, and has over 15 years experience in clinical radiology & information informatics. He’s inspired to reimagine clinical workflow in hospitals.

Paul Zieske

Paul Zieske, BSEE, MSHI

Co-Founder, CTO

Mr. Zieske is an engineer, workflow guru, and innovator with over 20 years experience in healthcare IT and air traffic control systems. He loves connecting the dots of healthcare and location services.

dann lemerand

Dann R. Lemerand, FHIMSS

SVP, Business Development

Mr. Lemerand is a strategist, healthcare IT sales professional, and business development expert with over 20 years of experience. He is driven by the success of his customers and their ability to affect patient satisfaction.


Technology Partners

Oakum Solutions
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Navv Systems, Inc. (NSI) is a software solutions and platform company that uses Indoor Positioning technology (IPS) to provide traffic control for hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing, and other large, complex organizations.

NavvTrack® is being used at the 877-bed Henry Ford Hospital to optimize patient transport, housekeeping, and central pharmacy deliveries. Henry Ford Hospital is 17-floors covering a total of 3,000,000 square feet and a part of the 6-hospital Henry Ford Health System.

At Henry Ford Health System, NSI is partnering with Apple to leverage the “indoor GPS” to optimize mobile workflows and enable real-time healthcare. The platform requires no new infrastructure and can be enabled in a short time.