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Take Control

Use NavvTrack® to power equipment and asset tracking, mobile team orchestration, and patient wayfinding.

Scalable Platform, Scalable Pricing

NavvTrack is available for Equipment, Teams, and Wayfinding at three pricing tiers:

  • Basic—Do you have good WiFi but haven’t invested in a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) network or gateways yet? No problem…the smartphones and wifi can do a lot of the location work for things like our web-responsive patient & visitor wayfinding
  • Enhanced—Add BLE Gateways at strategic locations, like 1st floor exits, to get better location fidelity of your BLE Tags for things like Loss Prevention and course-correction on Android phones for wayfinding
  • Advanced—Add a full BLE Gateway network and have near room-level accuracy for all phones and tags for all use-cases

The NavvTrack platform is modular and can be easily scaled to add additional services, for instance adding NavvTrack Teams once you have seen the benefits of NavvTrack Equipment. Pricing scales to the size of your campus.

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