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Henry Ford “Faces of Innovation” Features Navv CEO

By September 24, 2020September 28th, 2021No Comments

Navv Systems CEO, Dr. Daniel Siegal is featured in Henry Ford Innovations new campaign of “Faces of Innovation”.

The “Face of Innovation” campaign features leaders around Henry Ford Innovation who they consider to be innovators and share what innovation means to them.

Dr. Daniel Siegal

Innovation to me is helping solve the big problem. It’s not what are we struggling with right now, what are we going to struggle with tomorrow but what’s coming at us five or ten years down the road and how do we identify what those problems will be. Start to work on them now so we have solutions in place that can lead where we need to be in the future. Sort of like what Wayne Gretzky said I am not where the puck is now, I’m skating with the puck is going to be. I am a technologist informaticist. I like to think about what can we do with data and technology solutions we have here at Henry Ford or we can develop for the future that will give us the information we need to do better for our patients, our providers and for our systems and community. 

About Navv Systems, Inc.

Navv Systems, Inc. is a care traffic control platform that improves outcomes and saves time for hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide.

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