Apple Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF)

IMDF stands for Indoor Mapping Data Format. IMDF is a data model that is used to describe an indoor space. IMDF is output as a set of GeoJSON files. There are many APIs available to display GeoJSON, making it easy to add indoor maps to your apps or websites. The easiest way to do this is to use MapKit or MapKit JS.

Both include APIs for displaying your indoor map in IMDF format on top of Apple Maps. Apple uses IMDF inside the Indoor Survey app so that Apple indoor positioning can be enabled inside a building.

For details on the IMDF specification see:

Steps: Using IMDF to Enable iOS Indoor Positioning

  • Convert Floor Plans to IMDF: Typically involves converting floor plans from CAD, BIM or GIS formats.
  • Perform Indoor Survey: The Indoor Survey app is used to perform the survey. It runs on an iPhone. Indoor positioning is enabled as a result of the survey. Indoor positioning is made available via Core Location or via Safari on iOS.
  • Add Indoor Maps to NavvTrack®: Indoor maps can be easily displayed in your NavvTrack app and website using MapKit and MapKit JS.

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