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Cost-efficient, accurate solutions for hospital workflows

Kontaktio logoThe partnership between Inc., the industry leader in indoor location services and Bluetooth® Low Energy IoT devices, and Navv Systems Inc., the leading care traffic control platform for hospitals and healthcare systems, offers cost-efficient, accurate solutions for hospital workflows, including team dispatching, equipment and asset tracking, loss prevention, and patient wayfinding.

The challenge
Deploying real time location system (RTLS) solutions to track and manage assets that scale to accommodate a hospital campus is a complex process that requires planning, tagging, troubleshooting, and maintenance for thousands of items. Older radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions require custom development, integration, manual calibration, and testing, and typically involve longer deployments, cost more, and deliver imprecise location information.

The solution
The Navv and partnership offers location services that deliver:

  • A comprehensive solution designed for healthcare, by healthcare
  • A cost effective system
  • Superior quality and technology
  • Easy deployment and maintenance
  • Superb digital maps, ready for patient and visitor wayfinding
  • A user-friendly experience
  • Strong support and service
  • A scalable platform for any size building, campus, or enterprise
  • Open integration with existing infrastructures

How the partnership’s location services work
Wheelchairs, IV pumps, and other equipment get tags that communicate via the existing WiFi infrastructure, eliminating the need for additional sensor deployment. The location and movement of items can be seen in near real-time on mobile devices, or on a web-based care “command-center” traffic control platform.

The and Navv System advantage
Hospitals with NavvTrack and see real-time location information for all tagged devices and equipment. Continued maintenance and total cost of ownership go down significantly compared against less accurate, more costly RFID options, while experienced implementation teams provide a turnkey solution on proven, scalable architecture.

About Navv Systems
Navv Systems, Inc., was founded by doctors and healthcare leaders who have experienced firsthand challenges associated with missing equipment, long wait times for staff and deliveries, and frustrated patients. Navv provides care traffic control for health systems and hospitals nationwide that saves time and promotes more effective, efficient care with a solution that is scalable and affordable.

About, Inc. is the industry leader in indoor location services and Bluetooth Low Energy, IoT devices. Their mission is to better connect people, locations and things to improve employees and customers’ experiences, save costs, decrease carbon footprint, and increase productivity through innovation. serves more than 30,000 customers across diverse sizes and industries, from healthcare to smart buildings, airports, logistics, and public spaces. strives to delight people and make a real difference in the world wherever possible by providing an enterprise-tailored software solution scaled to the internet.

For more information, visit and request a demo, or email us at

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