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Navv Co-Founder Featured in Henry Ford Innovations 2020 Video

By June 20, 2020September 28th, 2021No Comments

Navv Systems co-founder, Paul E. Zieske is featured in the Henry Ford Innovation 2020 OVERVIEW video.

The video showcases how Henry Ford Innovations is helping engineer the future of healthcare by providing staff with outstanding resources to turn impressive ideas into transformative products.

Paul E. Zieske

NavvTrack® is a system that makes mobile workflows location aware by using revolutionary indoor positioning system that’s highly accurate and requires no new infrastructure. The indoor GPS much like GPS if you were standing outside you get a blue dot, you get that indoors. So these mobile workers are already caring around these iPhones and we can see exactly where they are inside the building and we can communicate with them. We can see what they are doing, where they’re going and it allows our dispatchers to be far more efficient.

About Navv Systems, Inc.

Navv Systems, Inc. is a care traffic control platform that improves outcomes and saves time for hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide.

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