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Care Traffic Control for Healthcare Teams and Facilities

Hospitals over 500,000 ft2 and any that have been expanded over time are big and complex enough to get lost in. Hospitals of all sizes need to locate and coordinate equipment, materials, and mobile teams. Knowing the whereabouts of people and equipment gives managers the information they need to coordinate hospital operations efficiently. Smart directions improve the patient and visitor experience.

What To Expect from NavvTrack®

Your managers will gain insight into:


  • Track when deliveries are made and to whom.
  • Know when a patient arrives.
  • Track on-time arrivals and delays.
Dwell Times

  • Monitor staff wait time in between tasks.
  • Understand when key equipment is idle or unavailable.
  • Reduce patient wait times for procedures or tests.

  • Notify team members when a patient is ready for discharge.
  • Locate the closest available gurney or wheelchair to a patient.

Unlike point solutions, NavvTrack is a dynamic mapping foundation for these core activities:

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Equipment and asset tracking

NavvTrack Equipment
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Mobile support team management and workflow orchestration

NavvTrack Teams
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Patient and visitor step-by-step directions

NavvTrack Wayfinding

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Controllers coordinate the approach, landing, ground movements, and takeoffs for airplanes from a control tower.

To accomplish this, Air Traffic Controllers depend on 3-D maps showing the locations of aircraft and ground vehicles on the ground and in the air.

With this real time information, the ATC team directs and orchestrates the flow at airports, keeping travelers and staff at airports around the world safe on a daily basis.

Care Traffic Control

Imagine that your team coordinates the arrivals and departures of multiple mobile team members and equipment from a central command center.

To accomplish this, your team depends on NavvTrack to show them real-time locations of people and equipment on a digital twin of your buildings and campus.

With this real time information, your team directs and orchestrates workflows at your hospital, improving care, efficiency, and safety on a daily basis.

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How It Started

Navv Co-Founders Daniel Siegal, MD, and Paul E. Zieske saw the need for easy-to-use traffic control systems in Healthcare. Early in Paul E. Zieske ‘s career, he designed Air Traffic Control systems and then worked inside the FAA. Then, Paul moved into healthcare, most recently as the Program manager for RTLS, RFID and indoor positioning at Henry Ford Health Systems. They recognized the need and had the expertise to deliver NavvTrack Care Traffic Control.