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Hospital Support Team Dispatching with NavvTrack Teams

"I don’t want my dispatcher to have to give Bruno Rivers a call when he’s on 2 E to go to 7 W when she has Floyd Holmes on 7 Central."
-Transport Manager

Know what you need to accomplish but not how long it will take or who’s closest to help? Short-staffed? Every step counts.

Improved Hospital Dispatching with NavvTrack Teams

Operations teams managing support staff know that sending a work order to a team member who is already close improves response times and eliminates wasted steps. Yet, dispatchers and managers did not have the location information they needed to optimize their work order assignments to mobile team members, until NavvTrack Teams.

With NavvTrack Teams, your hospital dispatcher knows where their team members are in real-time. With the platform, they can see individual team member locations accurately and clearly. With this location information, they can seamlessly route and coordinate the team efficiently. The dispatcher can communicate with the team members easily via their existing hospital-issued smartphones. And, importantly, services or security can be rapidly dispatched to the exact floor and location of a staff member in duress.

With NavvTrack Teams Your Transport Dispatchers Will

  • Distribute hospital dispatching work orders based on proximity
  • Track location, movement, dwell-time & tasks
  • Communicate options (voice, group text, and direct messages) for recordkeeping and patient privacy
  • Train new team members easily
  • Improve response times

With NavvTrack Teams Your Hospital Team Will

  • Gain efficiencies from location-based work order and team member routing
  • Follow chain-of-custody & workflows
  • Use data to improve operations & workflow
  • Rapid, low-cost implementation
  • Better understand capacity constraints

"When we know where a colleague with a hospital-issued iPhone is, we can get them to a patient faster. NavvTrack improves patient safety and care."

Ed Bortone, CPA, Senior Director, Infrastructure and Support Operations,
Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Burlington, MA

How to Get Started With NavvTrack Teams

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We create a digital twin of your facility quickly and easily

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Use your existing WiFi

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BLE tag items then go live with the software in a matter of weeks

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Prove ROI then expand to other modules or facilities

Pricing is relative to hospital/facility size, so the value is there for medium or large organizations. Navv offers basic, enhanced, and advanced tiers.