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Hospital Equipment and Asset Tracking with NavvTrack Equipment

More than one-third of nurses spend an hour or more per shift searching for medical equipment.

Know you have what you need but not where to find it? Need to inspect equipment you can’t locate? Hospitals and health systems use NavvTrack® Equipment to find what’s needed, fast.

Stop Searching and Start Finding with Care Traffic Control

Finding things in any sized healthcare facility is serious business. Searching for equipment and materials not only wastes clinical and support staff time, and it delays patient care. To guard against this time loss, sometimes staff hide or “hoard” equipment like ventilators and medication pumps–driving surplus and operational costs.

Operations teams must track, inspect, and either maintain or replace hundreds or even thousands of pieces of equipment scattered across the facility. If inspections are missed, then quality and safety suffer.

A low-cost way to deploy hospital equipment tracking with no additional infrastructure is through NavvTrack’s Crowdsourced RTLS™. By adding the NavvTrack app and Crowdsourced RTLS to your shared fleet of phones, these devices will now see and locate bluetooth low-energy (BLE) Beacon Tags that are attached to equipment and allow you range on those tags.

NavvTrack BLE tagging and hospital equipment tracking can be deployed for a fraction of the cost of traditional RFID systems, with better coverage.

Locate and track your equipment, materials, and deliveries with NavvTrack Equipment.

With NavvTrack Equipment Your Operations Team Will

  • Track hospital equipment, iOS, and other mobile devices
  • Eliminate equipment hiding/hoarding
  • Visualize real-time locations of all tracked items on a digital twin of your facility
  • See when tracked items are taken off the hospital premises (outside the geofence)
  • Locate, inspect, and maintain equipment to Joint Commission standards

With NavvTrack Equipment Your Hospital Team Will

  • Deploy a proven loss prevention strategy
  • Avoid the cost of replacing or renting backups
  • Decrease capital expenditures
  • Implement rapidly at low cost
  • Maximize asset utilization

"I don’t want to doubt my transporter. With missing deliveries, it ends up in a he said/she said. With delivery tracking we know which transporter picked it up, when they dropped it off, where it went, and how they got there. That’s huge for us."

Hospital Transport Manager

How to Get Started With NavvTrack Equipment

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We create a digital twin of your facility quickly and easily

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Use your existing WiFi

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BLE tag items then go live with the software in a matter of weeks

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Prove ROI then expand to other modules or facilities

Pricing for hospital equipment tracking with NavvTrack is relative to hospital/facility size.  Navv offers basic, enhanced, and advanced tiers.