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Hospital Patient and Visitor Wayfinding with NavvTrack Wayfinding

About half of the people visiting a large healthcare facility say they have trouble navigating to where they need to be.

Lost or late patients not only have a bad experience, they also may delay care for others as lateness spurs more lateness. In today’s healthcare environment, patient satisfaction has a meaningful impact on the bottom line – affecting everything from HCAHPS scores, reviews, and ratings to reimbursement rates. Helping patients and their visitors successfully find their way through your facility matters. Great hospital wayfinding is quite literally the first step to improving patient satisfaction.

Self-Serve Hospital Wayfinding with Care Traffic Control

Patient experience teams know that many patients and families cannot easily find their way across their healthcare facilities. Your volunteers spend much of their time giving directions. If patients can find their own way, your volunteers can be tasked on other priorities.

Digital wayfinding is commonplace in cities, towns, and outdoors. Patients now expect digital wayfinding indoors. Hospitals and Health Systems can offer patients this familiar wayfinding method inside their facilities with NavvTrack Wayfinding.

Empower your patients to find their own way across your healthcare campus, intuitively, via step-by-step routing on their personal smartphones. The software provides them their own location and directions to their goal on your facility’s map, clearly and easily understood.

With NavvTrack Hospital Wayfinding, Patients Will Get

  • To their destinations faster and more easily
  • Access to a unique, private link to get to their appointment
  • Information in their preferred language
  • Maps and routing on their personal smartphone or tablet (no app to download)
  • Accessible routing for diverse abilities (e.g. no stairs or long ramps)

Your Hospital Will Get

  • Patients and visitors guided to and through patient-centric areas
  • ADA-compliant routing
  • Rapid, low-cost implementation
  • Consistent and branded Patient & Visitor wayfinding experience
  • Positive feedback from end-users

"Got me from the parking lot to the waiting room via a quick way. I was able to plan a route without stairs. I didn’t have to download an app. Just used my browser!"

Avery J.

How to Get Started With NavvTrack Wayfinding

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We create a digital twin of your facility quickly and easily

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Go live in a matter of weeks with digital wayfinding

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Patients and visitors use their personal smartphones

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Prove ROI then expand to other modules or facilities

Pricing is relative to hospital/facility size, so the value is there for medium or large organizations. Navv offers basic, enhanced, and advanced tiers.