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Care Traffic Control and RTLS Consulting Services

Hospitals must grow operating margins and comply with increasing regulatory standards. All this while striving to meet your primary mission—provide high quality patient care. We are here to make it efficient and as easy as possible.

Ready for real-time location system (RTLS) for hospital tracking? Navv Systems builds on Apple’s Indoor Positioning platform to establish an electronic “fingerprint” of your campus over existing wireless networks. The software provides real-time meter-accuracy location on high quality indoor maps, essentially GPS indoors.

Work with us to assess and increase your readiness for your Care Traffic Control Command Center. If your underlying tech infrastructure needs a tune-up, we will consult with you to identify and address any gaps.

Navv Systems screenshots

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hospital floor blueprint hospital cadd drawing

RTLS Mapping Services

Maps are the foundation for RTLS hospital tracking. Not sure if your facility maps or blueprints will support real-time location visualization? We will assess and get you there.

Our expert team will convert your CAD files to the Apple IMDF format for the versatile use of any NavvTrack® applications in your facility. This will create the digital twin, fingerprint, and geofencing necessary for powering the indoor positioning system, NavvTrack Care Traffic Control.

  • Convert Floor Plans to Apple IMDF from CAD, BIM or GIS formats.
  • Survey the Facility to verify floor plans and coverage.
  • Prepare Reusable Indoor Maps: Indoor maps can be easily displayed in NavvTrack and on your site.

RTLS Location Services

Skip expensive and underperforming RFID systems, BLE tags can be deployed for a fraction of the cost of traditional RFID systems, with better coverage. These are “airtags for the enterprise.” We can help your team evaluate, plan, and deploy your new asset and equipment tracking.

Then, with hospital-issued smartphones and your existing WiFi, NavvTrack Crowdsourced RTLS® will locate all tagged equipment. Real-time location information drives efficient hospital resource usage, such as quicker room turnover.