NavvTrack® – Indoor Navigation & Location Services Platform

Lack of Data on People and Processes

Hospitals and health systems face increasing pressures to grow operating margins and at the same time, comply with increasing regulatory standards. All this while striving to meet your primary mission—provide high quality patient care.

Enabling Awareness

Most hospitals struggle to keep track of their mobile workers, which can cause delays in critical workflows. That problem can be exponentially more difficult when a surge increases the urgency to communicate and coordinate. NavvTrack allows a team to see the location of its workers and communicate with them in real time. Awareness makes your teams safer, require less supervision, and more productive.

Proven Technology

Utilizing Apple’s Indoor Positioning, NavvTrack uses an electronic “fingerprint” that comes from the existing wireless network and requires no new infrastructure. NavvTrack combines meter-accuracy location with high quality indoor maps to provide real-time visualization. The platform shows the location of staff-equipped iPhones that are using the NavvTrack app. Its secure text messaging allows reliable communication to anyone on the team – enabling dispatchers and managers to monitor and communicate with staff from anywhere inside the hospital.

Care Traffic Control

NavvTrack can be compared to GPS for its functionality. By bringing GPS indoors, you can create a more open, transparent and safe environment for a mobile workforce. These tools create a foundation for a care traffic control system that can remove waste and improve productivity by focusing on coordinating staff without communicating patient information – and to protect that information for privacy and security reasons. These are some of the primary areas of focus for the base solutions:

  • Transport Services
  • Pharmacy Techs
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Services
  • Food Services
  • Supply Chain Couriers

Crowdsourced RTLS®

Utilizing our Crowdsourced RTLS feature within the NavvTrack platform, hospitals can focus on the location, movement, dwell-time, and tasks of support staff like transport, housekeeping, and couriers. This information becomes increasingly important when inpatient resources are at a premium and fast and efficient cleaning and room turnover are essential.

CAD to IMDF Conversions

Our team of experts can help you convert your CAD files to the Apple IMDF  format for use with other applications and use-cases in your facilities.